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Jamnica is presently the largest Croatian producer of mineral and spring waters and soft drinks with a tradition of over 180 years.

The wells of Jamnička Kiselica have been known since the Celtic era, but organized development of exploitation did not begin until 18 October 1828 when the first bottles intended for the market were filled.

Being a part of the Agrokor concern since 1993, Jamnica’s prudent investments in modernization, development and new technologies have made it grow into one of the most modern European mineral and spring water and soft drink bottling plant with total annual production of 400 million liters, which makes it the biggest producer of the kind in Southeast Europe.

Jamnica d.d. comprises the Jamnica natural mineral water bottling plant in Pisarovina, the Jana natural spring water bottling plant in Sveta Jana, the Juicy natural fruit juice bottling plant, the Sarajevski Kiseljak natural mineral water and soft drink bottling plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Fonyodi mineral water bottling plant and distribution companies in Slovenia, Serbia and USA.

In addition to constant investments in development of new technologies and expansion of its own distribution system and sales channels, Jamnica primarily bases its development on building strong brands that are leaders in all segments on the Croatian market, play an important role on the regional markets, and increasingly on the global market.

Natural mineral water Jamnica is the oldest Jamnica brand and one of the oldest authentic Croatian products altogether, holding a market share of 80 percent. Juicy is the leader on the Croatian natural fruit juice market, while natural spring water Jana assumed the top position on the spring water market in just a few years, holding a market share of 50 percent.

Jana has been increasingly recognized on demanding European and international markets, assuming a role of a distinctive Croatian product. In addition to powerful presence on the Croatian market, Jamnica bases its long-term business strategy on a strong export focus. Exports have had an increasingly important share in the total revenues year after year and Jamnica products are currently exported to some twenty international markets.

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