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Call and instructions to creditors to register claims Pursuant to the Decision, St-113817 dated 10.4.2017

All creditors are called upon to register their claims to the Extraordinary Trustee within 60 days of the initiation of procedure of Extraordinary Administration and lasting until 9 June 2017.

Both creditors with separate satisfaction rights and those with exclusion rights are called upon to inform the Extraordinary Trustee about their rights, per stipulations of article 258 of the Bankruptcy Act, in stated time frame.

The Law for the Extraordinary Administration prescribes the use of forms mandated by the Bankruptcy Act to report claims, which can be seen from their titles. To remove any doubt, we underline that Agrokor d.d. and its related and dependent companies are in the process of extraordinary administration and not in a bankruptcy.

Table of reported claims, separate satisfaction rights and exclusion rights and also detailed instructions and contacts you can take out hereafter.

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