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Sponsorships and Donations

Through sponsorships and donations, Jamnica d.d. actively participates in the environment it operates in. We support projects in the areas of culture, sports, science, education and health. We particularly focus on projects relating to children’s and young people’s welfare because a positive attitude about the living environment and a healthy lifestyle must be developed for the earliest age.

Jamnica d.d. is well known for its support to athletes. To promote a healthy lifestyle and development of sport culture, we have supported different sport clubs and individuals for many years. We have cultivated longstanding cooperation with renowned sport institutions and are a Golden Sponsor to the Croatian Olympic Committee and a sponsor to the Croatian Football Federation and Croatian Tennis Federation. We pay great attention to young talents and Jamnica is known for supporting young athletes at the beginning of their careers. Watching the old TV ads featuring Cibona’s basketball players at the celebration of the 180 anniversary brought back memories of our long-term commitment in the area of sports.

As a socially responsible corporation, we make donations to support different cultural events and projects relating to children, environmental protection and cultural heritage. We also enter into sponsorship contracts with numerous cultural institutions including the Croatian National Theater, with which we have cooperated for many years.

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