We always support innovation and creativity!

Everyone's idea is welcome – from our consumers to our employees and partners – and we support innovation and creativity without limitations!

According to a series of criteria, each idea is assessed by a team of different profile experts. When testing ideas, it is important what potential customers have to say. For our further work in development activities, it is crucial to find out whether customers like the flavor and the appearance of the new product and whether there is any need or wish for a new product.

The development of the product itself can be divided into two main segments: development of recipes and development of packaging, each of them being extremely interesting and challenging, while together they make an inseparable whole necessary for final success on the market.

Product development is one of the most important elements of the company’s success

Development of recipes 

The development of recipes is a specific and challenging job since we know that only a customer satisfied with the product flavor will buy the product again. Our knowledge in the development of flavors loved by the consumers, in addition to meeting several other criteria, such as nutritional values, technological and regulatory requirements, is a result of work by a team of experienced experts. The mere process of recipe development includes creation of samples in the laboratory, a series of different tests, reformulations and adaptation to the production environment.

The scientific and expert background, together with valuable experience and knowledge of combining different ingredients contribute to the creation of products of extraordinary quality, recognized and loved by our consumers.

Development of packaging

The development of packaging is one of the key factors for the success of a new product because the packaging must protect the product and be practical. Today customers expect products that are a combination of excellent design and functionality. The packaging needs to be easy to use, and at the same time contain innovative details that will give the product additional value and make it stand out.

The development of packaging is a complex and demanding process because, in addition to attractive design of the product, several different criteria of a whole logistic chain have to be satisfied, from the production of packaging material, through its technological characteristics to the technical solutions on the production lines.