Business operations system management

With its constant innovations and quality improvements of its products, based on scientific research and market demands, Jamnica strives to improve the quality of life of its consumers each and every day.

Our policy is to continuously improve the existing operations, production and quality control systems. This way we are trying to meet all the demands placed before us as manufacturers, with the aim of raising the quality criteria and establishing new trends in the operation and production methods.


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We build on our long-standing experience in the production of top-quality products tailored to the market demands by constantly following health care and nutritionist trends to offer our customers complete satisfaction. The quality and safety of our products result from the value system of our company, thanks to which our consumers and customers get top-quality beverages.

For a systematic approach to management, standardization and improvement of business processes, we have established a corporate function for business operations system management.

Jamnica’s approach to quality is also defined by its quality policy, one of the basic management system documents.

With the aim of ensuring product and business operations quality, Jamnica plus d.o.o. is certified according to ISO 9001 and has a certified food safety management system. These certificates prove the systematic business operations management, continuous monitoring of business processes and product control.

To us, as a manufacturer, this is a confirmation of a good manufacturing practice, and to the end consumer it guarantees safety when choosing our products.

By introducing the HACCP system, the whole production process, from the procurement of raw materials and additional components to the finished product, is systematically controlled, especially taking into account health and hygiene hazards during the manufacturing process.

This way, we have ensured basic manufacturing principles, namely good manufacturing practice (GMP), good hygienic practice (GHP) and good laboratory practice (GLP).

High product quality, confirmed by various analyses performed by authorized laboratories in the Republic of Croatia, as well as by authorized laboratories in the EU and USA, and state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacturing process ensure the product quality is competitive both on the domestic and on the global markets.

As a proof of our systematic care and control over the production process and the product, we have the IFS Food certificate, our waters Jamnica and Jana are holders of the Kosher certificate, Jana is included in the US Army Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement and in the NSF International Bottled Water – FDA Regulations list.

On the regional market, these certificates place us in the category of manufacturers offering a safe and high-quality product with a guarantee. To have the said certificates means to have advantage over competitors.

Jamnica plus d.o.o. as a responsible company bases its environmental and energy management policy on an organized and professional system management, having in mind sustainable development.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection system applies to the aspects of activities, products and services related to the environment over which we have control or influence.

By complying with the requirements of ISO 14001 we efficiently use our resources, systematically manage our waste, follow the emissions, respect all regulatory and other requirements to gain trust of all interested parties and increase our success in environmental protection.

Energy efficiency

By certifying our Energy Management System according to ISO 50001, we have set specific goals for improving energy efficiency. We have recognized all the elements affecting energy use and consumption. We have established energy consumption indicators, identified areas of significant use and defined chances for improvement. By integrating the energy management system into Jamnica’s existing business operations system, we have improved energy efficiency of the company.