Mission and Vision

Jamnica plus d.o.o. has been building a positive image for years by establishing strong connections with its consumers and creating a pleasant working environment for its employees. In addition to our rich tradition, we conquer the markets outside the region thanks to the quality of our products.

Our strategic orientation is to continue to develop new products and expand outside the region

Quality is an imperative. All our employees contribute to quality with their knowledge and skills, and without them we would never achieve such growth.

We are expanding our product range by creating recognizable and top-quality brands. For successful operation, we are trying to recognize the needs of our consumers and be a reliable partner to our customers. When creating new products, we follow global trends and lead the way in introducing various innovations to the domestic market.


Recognizing and meeting our consumers’ needs for non-alcoholic beverages, providing additional values through continuous development of our products and services and educating the consumer about the culture of drinking and the quality and value of natural spring water and fruit beverages.


With continuous investments into the existing and new markets, product and service development and employee education, strengthen the leading position in the region and become a significant player on the global market.