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Astrophysicist Vernesa Smolčić is Jana’s new ambassador

After Goran Čolak, free diving world champion, this year Jana continues its “Deep above all” story, and welcomes its new ambassador Vernesa Smolčić, world-renown young scientist, an astrophysicist who has achieved great results.

Jamnica welcomed its partners, key buyers, media and guests in the Maksimir Park to the launch its new campaign and introduce them the Vernesa Smolčić, who gave an inspirational speech on how with hard and dedicated work on ourselves we can touch the stars.

Vernesa Smolčić is a professor at the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, and her success makes her the perfect choice for the ambassador of the “Deep above all” campaign for Jana natural mineral water.

The communication of “Deep above all” connects Jana’s top attributes, its purity and quality achieved at a depth of 800 m, with individuals around us who have achieved the top of their professions, and who have found inspiration and motivation deep inside themselves.

By choosing Vernesa Smolčić as the campaign ambassador, from the depths presented through our cooperation with Goran Čolak, Jana has turned towards the stars. With its new edition of messages on bottles, Jana continues to inspire people and encourage them to make positive changes. It is important to remind ourselves that our greatest strength, which can help us overcome every challenge, comes from within us. Vernesa Smolčić has achieved her success by following her dreams even when the going got tough; Jana confirms this because it is a unique natural mineral water that reaches its consumers completely pure, from a deep source.

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