Jamnica’s waters to be sold in stores in Ukraine for the first time

The opening of a new export market is an excellent opportunity for expanding business in that part of Europe

As of next week, Jamnica, the leading regional producer of water and beverages, will begin exporting its products to Ukraine. Three of its products will be available in the stores of the Ukranian Fozzy group: Jana natural mineral water and Jamnica and Mg Mivela natural mineral sparkling waters.

On the occasion of the start of new business cooperation, Ivan Čevra, Executive Sales Director of the Fortenova beverage group, whose leading company is Jamnica, pointed out that this is a great opportunity for the placement of Jamnica products on the East-European market. “We are glad that our products will be available on the Ukrainian market as of next week. Considering that the habits of consumers in Ukraine are similar to those in Croatia, I believe that our top-quality natural mineral waters will be well-received there. We consider the opening of a new export market, especially in these trying times, an excellent opportunity for new business achievements and expansion in that part of Europe”, Čevra said.

“The Fozzy group has more than 700 stores all over Ukraine and the first Jamnica products will be delivered to the biggest cities in Ukraine, from where delivery will gradually expand to other parts of the country”, added Ivica Pirić, Honorary Consul of Ukraine and representative of the Ukranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Croatia and the neighbouring countries. “The Ukrainians are big consumers of water and the market covers no less than 45 million people. The entry into the Ukrainian market is an excellent opportunity not only for Jamnica, but also for other Croatian producers. When a product is placed on the Ukrainian market, it is also placed on the market of all seven countries in that part of the world. Therefore, it is important that producers participate in the activities of economic forums, which have proven excellent for making business deals. There is mutual trust and a great relationship between Croatia and Ukraine, as well as the support of the competent Croatian ministries”, Pirić concluded.

Together with Sarajevski kiseljak, Mg Mivela and the companies Fonyodi and Jamnica Maribor, Jamnica is part of the Fortenova beverage group division which currently exports its products to about 30 countries across the world. The portfolio of the beverage group consists of Jamnica, Jana, Mg Mivela, Sarajevski kiseljak, fruit-flavored Jana, Jana vitamin, Jana Ice Tea, Sara, Sky Cola, Sensation, Botanica and ProSport. 

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