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Jana, Jamnica and Jana Ice Tea win Coolest Brand Award

Generation Z has chosen the coolest brands and the award ceremony was held on 30 September as part of the Coolest Brand Awards.

In the category of beverages, Jana, Jamnica and Jana Ice Tea swooped up all the awards and officially became the coolest brands of 2019. The official Coolest Brands Awards 2020 ceremony, fully designed for its target group, Generation Z, was held on Wednesday, 30 September.

Generation Z voted

The members of the first generation of digital natives have unique and clear expectations and are not afraid to publicly share their views, which is exactly what makes them cool. Armed with mobile devices and the readiness to speak their mind, members of Generation Z are open, digitally literate and ready to face all the challenges the future brings. As part of a survey carried out by Joomboos and Ipsos, members of Generation Z were asked to name the coolest brands in the categories of food, beverages, personal care, mobile phones, operators and shopping centers.

Deep above all

The following award confirms that the natural mineral water Jana, which springs from a source 800 meters deep, is indeed Deep above all. In the Still Waters category, Jana was the uncontested first choice of 49.1% respondents. Jana is equally preferred by the boys and girls of Generation Z.

Jamnica is the right choice for every occasion

The Jamnica natural mineral water is drawn from the spring Janino vrelo at the depth of 500 meters and it has been established as the standard choice for all important occasions. The award for the coolest brand in the Sparkling Waters category proves that Jamnica is also the preferred choice of younger generations. Jamnica is the sparkling water of choice for as many as 38% of respondents, and the absolute favourite of the younger male population.

Ice Tea is a success among the youth

Jana Ice Tea ranked fourth in the category of carbonated and non-carbonated juices. For young people aged 13 to 21 in Croatia, Jana Ice Tea beat the tough competition and became the coolest brand. It was a confirmation of the excellent campaign “Just relax”, which was recognized by the youth.

Generation Z has decided – Jana and Jamnica are brands which stand for quality and affordability, but above all, they are really cool.

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