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Jana wins the gold medal at the Monde Selection international competition

The Jana mineral still water is the first Croatian mineral water that has won the gold medal for product quality at the Monde Selection international competition (Gold Quality Award).

The results of the competition were published at the annual awards ceremony held in Rome in early June, where 973 companies were rewarded for the high quality of their products, including Jamnica plus d.o.o. for its Jana natural mineral still water.


Monde Selection is a prestigious global quality competition dating back to 1961. Products are evaluated according to the highest international standard. The evaluation is carried out by an expert jury comprising 70 objective international experts, including Michelin chefs, world-renown enologists, university professors and nutritionists.

It should be noted that experts participating in the Monde Selection competition grade not only the flavour, aroma, the visual aspect and other classic criteria, but they also consider information provided to consumers, the used ingredients, innovation, packaging and the credibility of advertising claims. Therefore, we can conclude that, when selecting a product carrying the Monde Selection quality label, consumers can be sure that they are choosing a high-quality product. This brings even greater importance to the award, because the gold-winning Jana water competed with no less than 516 products in the “Beers, waters and soft drinks” category.

By winning this award, Jana mineral still water has gained another international recognition for its top quality.


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