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Sensation invites you to let go of rules and indulge in the sensation!

Everyone’s favorite Sensation flavors, lime – kiwano and elderberry – lemon, are now available in a new, more exciting design

The Sensation carbonated soft drink is famous for its innovative and tasty flavor combinations such as lime – kiwano and elderberry – lemon. The product of years of experience of Jamnica experts presents its even more vivacious and exciting image revealed in the new label design, which will bring out the inner rebel in everyone.

Indulge in the sensation!

In the sweet, but often fleeting moments when we get a chance to relax and take a break, we often choose drinks whose flavor makes us feel free and relaxed. Drinks that taste good, but do not adversely impact our health, are the first choice. Sensation is the logical solution in this segment – flavored sparkling water, for when we want to indulge our sweet tooth.

All colors of flavor

In addition to their functionality and supreme flavor, the drinks we consume at home or in public also attract us with their appearance. We eat with our eyes first, and with everything else later. As much as 30% of cortical mass is responsible for vision and our brain responds best to lively colors and easily discernible patterns.

Try something for the first time

Sensation has recognized that love is not blind, but sometimes indeed happens at first sight. The bright, vivid and varied colors of the new Sensation design clearly communicate the flavor sensation hidden behind the lively label. Directly and boldly, it lets us know that the redesigned Sensation is fearless, uncompromising and in the moment, without the need for apologies.

Because our everyday life can sometimes be a bit colorless, Sensation is a hero drink which gives us the feeling of the freedom, fun and change that happen when we let go a little and release the pressure. In a word – sensational!

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