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Jana’s award-winning Instagram account launches a new, 2.0 version

Last year, Jana launched the @deepest_instagram_profile, which let us dive into the deep blue sea from the perspective of Jana’s ambassador Goran Čolak, free diving world champion. Now it launches the next stage of the content campaign “Deep above all” for social media, through the @deepest_insta_profile_two account, which dives into the depths of the universe from the perspective of Jana’s current ambassador, Vernesa Smolčić, a world-renown Croatian astrophysicist.

You can spend hours getting to know the universe around us on the @deepest_insta_profile_two Instagram account. The account has been especially created in order to provide the best user experience for users of mobile devices.

This year, it comprises more than 300 rows of visually attractive posts, accompanied by interesting information on the depths of the universe integrated in the account via the carousel format. The aim of this Instagram account is to upgrade the Deep above all communication platform with useful, informative and entertaining content, thus extending its scope among target groups on social media.

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