Our people

Our people – our strength

Health and safety
Learning and sharing

Our people

The greatest asset in the Beverages Group are our employees, all 1500 of them. Our core values are trust, passion for excellence, curiosity, togetherness and a thirst for learning. We consider health, prosperity, decent jobs and equality to be the basic conditions that need to be met at the workplace and that is why in the Beverages Group we continuously work on the realisation of these goals. We take care of our employees throughout three focus areas.

Health and safety

We continuously invest in health and safety and by providing the essential conditions for productivity.

To achieve that, we have taken the following steps:

for workers who work in glass bottle filling plants, we have provided bespoke protective spectacles

we have provided e-learning methods for low-risk sites in order to implement safe working practices

we consult our employees regarding new technologies

we have provided additional first aid training for drivers of delivery vehicles

we have conducted a survey among our workers on their satisfaction with the protective equipment, and enabled enhancements of E3 protective work equipment.

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It is our goal to improve the quality of our employees’ lives, and do so by caring about their physical, emotional and social health through a number of initiatives and activities:

additional health insurance of employees

discount for sporting activities

providing professional guidance to help employees get better adapted to the current circumstances in our surroundings

enabling participation in educations on a healthy diet

providing a common space for socialising

flexible forms of working in new circumstances

encouraging initiatives that foster work-life balance

providing workshops and guidelines on the topic of stress management

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Learning and knowledge sharing

Personal growth is immensely important both for the individual, and the community where they live and work. This is why we think that by investing in the professional and personal development, and by creating opportunities for sharing of knowledge we develop the careers of our employees, improve their competitiveness and ensure business growth.

Within the Beverages Group we have taken the following steps for their professional growth:

upskilling of employees

formal and informal educations (seminars and courses)

participation in conferences and congresses

Train the trainer programme

sharing of best practices.

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