Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

What is carbon footprint?

The term carbon footprint implies the total emission of greenhouse gases that is either directly or indirectly caused by a person, product, company or an event. Greenhouse gases are the cause of the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, and the most common such gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, freons, and ozone. CO2 equivalent (CO2e) is a universal unit of measurement used to measure the impact of greenhouse gases on the Earth’s atmosphere. Given the fact that gases have different potencies when it comes to greenhouse effects (e.g. one tonne of methane is equivalent to 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide), a universal unit of measurement was introduced to measure emissions from all sources. An excessive amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere drastically impacts the ecosystem and disrupts the fragile balance of nature. Each one of us leaves a carbon footprint depending on our living habits, diet, means of transport, devices we use daily. For example, when you’re buying a new item of clothing, having a barbecue, or using your car as a means of transport, you contribute to the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Every individual can introduce small changes to help reduce their carbon footprint in the long run, e.g. by biking or walking instead of driving a car, by waste segregation, buying local and seasonal foods, planting a variety of plants and by reusing items that were meant to be discarded…

What are we doing to reduce carbon footprint?

Climate change and its consequences have become part of our everyday lives, and virtually all countries in the world have experienced the adverse impact of greenhouse gases. The Beverages Group, as the regionally leading bottled water and beverages producer, is aware of its responsibility, and takes care of the carbon footprint of its manufacturing, distribution and storage processes. At the same time, we are working on educating the community and raising awareness of proper and rational energy management.

Our carbon footprint-related efforts are being made compliant to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13, relating to climate action.

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