Water protection

Water is the most valuable resource

Water is one of the most valuable resources in our environment, and without water our products would not exist. To prevent the excessive abstraction or potential contamination of springs, we continually conduct environmental impact evaluations, focusing on the interrelation of the ground, air, botanical and animal species, as well as that of humans and the landscape.


Being aware of the fact that we cannot be taking from nature more than it can provide, we respect it, and put in efforts for the long-term preservation of our springs, all the while respecting compliance requirements, and voluntary commitments of the company. We abstract mineral water from springs in Pisarovina, Gorica Svetojanska, Kiseljak, Kreševo and Veluće. Apart from the rational abstraction of mineral water, we pay particular attention to the rational use of our process waters.

We care about the protection of water resources in other ways too…

Wastewater treatment is carried out in all our plants, and the quality of wastewater is regularly checked in compliance with the requirements. In our Jamnica and Jana production plants there are devices for the biological treatment of wastewater. An ultrafiltration membrane is used during this biological treatment of wastewater, i.e. a technology known as MBR (Membrane Bioreactor), which uses UF membranes in the separation of the activated sludge from the treated wastewater. Today, MBR is considered the “BAT – best available technique” for food industry wastewater treatment.


We are making additional efforts to contribute even more to the protection of water resources. For example, in our Jamnica production plant we use eco-friendly washing agents (phosphorus-free), which are used for washing returnable glass packaging, which means there is no wastewater pollution. Also, we switched to the so-called dry lubrication of conveyor belts that carry the glass bottles in the bottling process. Until recently, water-based lubricants for conveyor belts were used, so dry lubrication contributed to a significant reduction in water consumption. Sustainable wastewater management contributes to the preservation and protection of water resources, aquatic systems and their biodiversity.

Our approach to sustainability is based on five pillars: packaging and recycling, carbon footprint, water protection, our people and the local community.

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