Mia KOvačić

Jana vitamin refresh – new flavour for moMINTary refreshment

This spring, the Jana product line has been extended by another flavour, which not only brings the refreshment of mint and lime, but also contributes to the energy metabolism.

Regardless of whether you are facing numerous obligations and lacking free time, this reasons have something in common - your need energy to withstand this rhythm.

Due to our obligations and the fast-paced lifestyle, we often cannot eat healthily or get enough rest, which our bodies feel as fatigue, listlessness and moodiness. Therefore, it is important that we help our bodies withstand the daily rhythm. We should have Jana vitamin refresh at hand, which brings us refreshment thanks to the mint and lime, while vitamins C, B3, B6 and B12 contribute to normal energy metabolism.

Everyone who found themselves in the verdant oasis of Zagreb's Maksimir Park had the opportunity to enjoy the new flavour - Jana vitamin refresh. Lounging on deck chairs under trees and sipping on Jana vitamin refresh, we could tune out the world around us, relax our bodies and spirit, while enjoying healthy face masks. Mia Kovačić, famous TV presenter, experienced complete relaxation, if only for a few minutes, bringing her a new burst of energy and allowing her to enjoy her day. Thanks to new Jana vitamin refresh, we can now take this feeling with us and enjoy refreshment at all times.

New Jana vitamin refresh, based on the natural Jana mineral water, with refreshing mint and lime flavour, refreshes us from the inside and adapts to the rhythm of each and every one of us. 

Mia Kovačić i Jana vitamin refresh
Mia Kovačić u Maksimiru
Refreshing u Maksimiru
Refreshing u Maksimiru2

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