How to get employed?

Mateja Špehar

Do you see yourself as the ideal employee of the Beverages Group?

Are you dedicated to completing what you started working on, and to the task at hand?

Do you tend to suggest problem solving and process improvement initiatives?

Are you aware that success and satisfaction are the result of ongoing development and self-improvement?

Do you communicate important information in a clear and timely manner?

Are you always ready to help and know that maintaining a team spirit is an important factor in the realisation of goals?

Can you adapt to different associates and ways of working?

A systematic and targeted recruitment process combines the potential of a future employee with the company’s needs. It is based on psychological assessment methods and the assessment of professional competences which is conducted by the management team. The tradition of our products is continuously being upgraded by way of new technologies and blended with contemporary business practices.

 Similarly, the structure of our employees is a blend of experience and the potential of new generations. We hire interns and new employees in many sectors on an annual basis, and we do it in collaboration with the Croatian Employment Service, job advertising portals, employment agencies, as well as colleges, high schools and other professional development institutions.

Q&A on employment

What should my CV look like?

The form of your CV is not a deciding factor. It can be the Europass Curriculum Vitae or some other customized form of your choice. What does matter is that it contains personal and contact details, relevant work experience with work periods, the name of the company, the job or position applied for, as well as your basic duties, formal education and any additional education that could prove useful in your prospective job (language skills, completed certified courses, driver’s licence and the like).   Adding a personal touch to your CV is always welcomed, the optimal length being one page.

Is there a way of sending an open job application?

Of course. Open job applications are a valuable way of creating a database of high-quality candidates, and the go to source when searching for external candidates, so we encourage you to contact us via the link on this page. We will keep your CV on file and contact you should there be a suitable vacancy in the future. You can send us your open job application via this contact form.

I want to improve my student budget, can I do it in the Beverages Group?

Yes, you can. Students from all over Croatia can get a job at our company. In most cases we offer warehouse or production plant jobs, unloading goods upon delivery, shelf stacking jobs at stores or promotional events. We are also hiring staff for administrative jobs. The employment conditions you need to meet are having your own student contract and if you applied for a physical labour job, you have to be of legal age. Apart from earning some good money, you will also gain valuable work experience. You can apply for a student job via this contact form.

How can I apply for a job opening in the Beverages Group?

Apart from various job advertising platforms, our vacant job openings can also be found on our Careers page, where you can apply by filling out a contact form.

Can I apply for multiple jobs simultaneously?

Of course! The number of available jobs you can apply for is not limited, the only thing that matters is that you meet the job requirements.

I submitted a job application. Now what?

Once you complete the application form, we will send you an email message letting you know that we have received your application. If you meet the requirements, you will be contacted by a member of our Human Resources team who will inform you about the next steps.

How long do I have to wait for a response from an HR person after having completed the application?

The answer to this question depends on the number of candidates who applied for the job, and on the job opening you are applying for. In any case, if you meet the job requirements, you can expect a call within 15 business days.

The recruitment procedure

Selection procedure

What does the recruitment procedure look like?

The recruitment procedure differs depending on the job applied for; however, you may expect some of the following:

  • Psychological testing
  • Situational task
  • An interview with a Human Resources employee
  • An interview with your future supervisor
When may I expect to receive feedback on the recruitment procedure?

You can expect to receive feedback within 15 business days of participation.

Will I receive feedback regarding the recruitment procedure?

Of course. We send feedback to everyone, regardless of whether the candidates participate in the further course of the selection process or not.

Useful advice

How to write a good CV?

There is no single answer to this question; however, we’ve listed some guidelines below that you can use when writing a CV:

  • Highlight the most important information
  • Structure your CV in a way that it covers the following categories:
    • Personal details and contact information
      • first and last name, place of residence, mobile phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile (if you have one)
    • Work experience
      • List your work experience in reverse chronological order (your most recent job first)
      • State the name of the company, the job or position applied for, the period of employment, a short description of your duties at each job
      • Highlight the skills you acquired and describe how they contributed to your growth and development by stating the results you achieved
      • If you don’t have any work experience, list your student jobs, volunteering jobs or projects you participated in
    • Education
      • List your highest completed level of education first
      • State the name of the institution, orientation, period of education, and the academic title obtained
      • Recognitions, awards and other achievements
    • Skills
      • List the skills you acquired through formal or informal education
      • Foreign languages, communication skills, computer skills...
How do you prepare for psychological testing?

You cannot fully prepare for this part, as these tests are based on the fact that you are not familiar with the test tasks and the information contained therein, and that you have never seen them prior to taking the test.

Notwithstanding, you can influence certain aspects of the situation:

  • Get a good night’s sleep and come to the test refreshed
  • Don’t be late!
  • If you are taking the test online, make sure it is done in a peaceful environment for maximum concentration
  • Before you begin taking the test, read the instructions carefully
  • Answer the questions in accordance with the instructions given
  • Listen to the examiner carefully and if you have any questions, ask them
  • The tests are time limited, so be mindful of the remaining time
How to prepare for an interview with us
  1. Research what we do!

    • Research the work of the company whose advertisement you applied for. It is enough to be familiar with the company’s field of activity and product range.
  2. Be punctual!
    • Don’t be late. If you notice you are going to be late, be sure to contact the company and notify them about it in a timely manner.
  3. Review the potential questions!
    • You can find a wealth of questions that you will very probably be asked at the interview. Still, we cherish diversity, and value motivation, so be sure to pay particular attention to your answer to the question, what makes you stand out from other candidates for the same job, and clearly explain your motivation to work at our company.
  4. Prepare questions you might have for us!
    • Questions from our candidates are always welcomed! Take this opportunity to find out what you are really interested in, but were unable to find out from your research of our company.

  5. Prove that you are ready for this job!
    • Review the job description section from the job advertisement, and think about how your previous work experience relates to our expectations.
  6. Be calm and show a positive attitude!
    • Job interviews tend to be quite stressful, but during the interview we strive to make candidates feel at ease, and get the best out of them. Being focused on the job is important, but we also like laughter, playfulness and a positive attitude so just be yourself and relax!

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