How we care about education and development


How we care about education and development

Career development in the Beverages Group

We develop our employees in order to make them more competent and ensure the growth of our company.

FORTENOVA - Ikona - 7 - Razvoj karijere u grupi pića

At the Beverages Group we are aware that a company can grow and advance only if it ensures the growth of its employees. Our goal is the ongoing development of our employees during every single day they spend working at our company. That is why we encourage learning from colleagues and mentors, taking part in various projects, attending specialised lectures, as well as external and internal education and workshops. We believe the development of our employees’ careers should not be left to pure chance. This is why we implemented systematic performance and development management procedures, thus ensuring their efforts and contributions get noticed, adequately rewarded and that every employee develops in accordance with their wishes and abilities.

ALPHA Leadership Academy

We care for the development of the full potential of our managers, by investing into the knowledge and skills they need, so as to be able to effectively lead their employees.

FORTENOVA - Ikona - 8 - GAS Akademija

At the Beverages Group, we care for the development of the full potential of our managers, by investing in the knowledge and skills that they need to lead others. Participation in our ALPHA Leadership Development Programme is available for all members of our management at all levels, where they are led by high-quality and experienced trainers. In the ALPHA Programme they are trained to be “The one that leads the way”, by acquiring contemporary knowledge and skills in employee management. The programme enhances their self-awareness through education, provision of feedback and introspective tools. Enhancing managerial competences and creating role models in the field of management make up the leadership culture that we encourage and develop.

GAS Academy (Gladiator Academy of Sales)

We are enhancing the competences of our sales personnel so they can compete well in the market and realise all the set goals

FORTENOVA - Ikona - 9 - Alpha leadership

In our effort to further enhance the competences of our sales personnel and invest more comprehensively in their development, we have also developed our GAS Academy. The sales area is one of the key business areas in achieving the high goals that we set for ourselves as a company. The necessary prerequisite of always being ready to do our best at a crucial moment is the systematic education and development of our sales personnel. One of the tools that will be used to achieve this is the developmental assessment centre for colleagues employed in Operative Sales and Key Customers departments, followed by a focused development of key competences that need to be further enhanced to make us highly competitive in the market race that we are about to face. An added benefit of a developmental assessment centre will most certainly be the feedback on the level of personal competences achieved that each employee will consequently receive. Developmental and educational plans for each individual employee will then be developed based on that feedback. After the completion of the GAS Academy programme, our sales personnel will be fully equipped for the fierce market race thanks to their now perfected sales, negotiation and communication skills.

H2O programme – Hello 2 New Opportunities!

We facilitate the onboarding of new employees and those who have been unemployed for some time, and provide the right information and experiences that will encourage their further growth

FORTENOVA - Ikona - 11 - H2O program

We are fully aware of the importance of first experiences, which is exactly the reason why we created a structured programme for new employees called – H2O (Hello to New Opportunities). The programme is intended for all groups of employees, and includes a specific set of activities for each of the groups, but what really makes it stand apart is the fact that it is intended for those who are returning to work from long-term sick leave and parental leave. Under the motto Ready.Steady.Grow., the H2O programme facilitates the adjustment of our employees to a new job and ensures they get the right information at the very beginning of their career at a new company, and gain experiences that will drive their further growth. In this way we aim to accelerate employee onboarding and help them better understand their role within the organisation.

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