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 Jamnica is a carbonated natural mineral water that naturally facilitates digestion, so it is recommended to have it with a meal. Jamnica has a very long tradition dating back to 1828, when it was included in the registry of mineral waters of the Viennese Court. Jamnica is drawn from the Janino vrelo spring, at a depth of 500 metres, where water is protected from all types of pollution, which is a result of durable and consistent spring quality.


Carbonated natural mineral water

Some things to remember:

naturally contains minerals that cannot be synthesised in the body, and are essential for its normal functioning
along with a naturally balanced mineral composition and fizziness, Jamnica is characterised by a unique flavour, which makes it the ideal refreshing drink to be taken with every meal
Jamnica has for years been the number 1 carbonated mineral water in Croatia (Source: The Nielsen Company, Retail panel in Croatia, without discounters and caterers, January – December 2019.)

Get to know Jamnica:

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