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Jana is a non-carbonated natural mineral water which came to life 7000 years ago when nature was completely pure. Hidden away at a depth of more than 800 metres it preserves the pristine values of life. It is abstracted from tremendous depths, under the old dolomite rocks, which makes its mineral composition and the ratio of calcium to magnesium exceptional, and gives it a unique and familiar silky flavour.


Non-carbonated natural mineral water

Some things to remember:

• it is bottled directly at source in a fully controlled process, and state-of-the-art bottling technology
• additional boiling is not necessary as it is naturally pure and it meets all hygiene standards, which makes it completely safe for children
• its calcium to magnesium ratio is 2:1, and the pH value is 7.1
• it contains the mineral Silicium which plays an important role in skin care

Get to know Jana:

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