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Mg Mivela is a natural carbonated mineral water which contains almost the entire daily magnesium requirement per litre. The human body cannot synthesise magnesium on its own, so it is necessary to ensure a daily intake of its adequate amount from natural sources: food and water. Mg Mivela is your ideal ally, as it facilitates the absorption of natural magnesium contained in water, which the body can then use for all its vital functions.


Carbonated natural mineral water

Some things to remember:

• 1 litre of Mg Mivela contains 343 mg of magnesium which amounts to almost the entire daily magnesium requirement
• the mild and refreshing flavour of Mg Mivela can be enjoyed by everyone, without limitations and regardless of age or gender
• unlike other magnesium-rich waters, Mg Mivela does not contain large amounts of sulphates and does not have unwanted laxative effects on digestion

Get to know Mg Mivela:

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