Are you planning a party? Don’t forget about carbonated mineral water

Jamnica, gazirana mineralna voda, jamnica

Are you planning a party? Don’t forget about carbonated mineral water

The ideal refreshing drink

Family celebrations and joyous gatherings with friends are unimaginable without culinary delights. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of traditional or of contemporary recipes, Jamnica brings the ideal refreshment for either. The fun dash of refreshment is always there thanks to the fizzy effect of carbonated natural mineral water. Thus its CO2 bubbles stimulate the taste receptors in a specific way, so the fizziness is felt in the mouth as a complex and, for many, an irresistible experience.

Both tasty and healthy

Contrary to conventional carbonated beverages, carbonated natural mineral water is void of calories and sugar, so there is no harmful effect on the teeth. So, when having a party, don’t forget about the natural refreshment of younger members of your family – offer them carbonated water (you can toss in pieces of various fruits too). 

When it comes to adults, the traditional spritzer (“gemišt”) is one of the most popular drinks, and Jamnica is known for its ideal mixing with white wine. Jamnica imbues the spritzer with freshness and pithiness, thereby gently diluting the wine, and alcohol content… (which should, of course, be consumed in moderation and responsibly). 

And as it is said that every joy comes with a price – celebrations are often accompanied with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach due to sweet and fatty food.  However, thanks to its mineral composition, carbonated natural mineral water naturally facilitates digestion, refreshes us and acts as a digestive drink that is particularly appreciated after heavier dishes. 

Be sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of great fun

And the essential – if we don’t drink enough water, our physical and mental functions don’t work properly, which is then also reflected in our mood. So, as a prerequisite of a positive atmosphere and good cheer, make sure the glasses are filled with carbonated natural mineral water so that everyone is refreshed! 

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