You’ll enjoy every meal thanks to this natural beverage

Jamnica piće koje svaki obrok voli

You’ll enjoy every meal thanks to this natural beverage

Food is not just a necessity, it’s a joy

Apart from its importance in satisfying the biological needs, food has always been part of our culture and social life, sharing and interacting with friends and family. For the best possible experience and an enjoyable meal, it is important to have a true, natural mineral water at hand as a nice way of rounding off the entire experience of gathering around a dinner table. 

Why should you also enjoy Jamnica with your meal?

At the beginning of a meal, Jamnica will not only prepare and cleanse your palate, but also neutralise the taste buds on the tongue, and then seamlessly complement the food and other drinks taken. Even though it is composed of a complex wealth of minerals, Jamnica boasts of a well-rounded and balanced taste, that will not overpower the basic flavours of your dish.   

Invigorating for heavy dishes, refreshing for lighter ones

Rich in its fullness with a wealth of bubbles that give it a fizzy texture, Jamnica goes well with heavier dishes, ranging from the more traditional ones consisting of meat and potatoes, “mlinci” (Croatian thin dried flatbread), or pasta with sauces, grill, to pizza and modern burger and steak variations.   For those who like to stick to a diet with less calories, it provides a refreshing surprise once it is added to a salad dressing or to vegetable cream soups. 

It seamlessly complements the taste of both dishes and drinks.

Jamnica is traditionally known as an excellent option for pairing with white wines and is indispensable in the ever-so-popular “gemišt” or spritzer drink. It is not overbearing, but it subtly rounds off the taste of wine, gives it lightness and its bubbles transform the wine into a sparkling refreshment. 

Also great at the wrap of a meal

To those who like to end their meals with a dessert and a cup of coffee, Jamnica brings a special gastro blend to the table. Its mineral composition will neutralise the coffee acids, and a subtle salty note will treat you with an exceptionally refined and balanced taste of your sweet dessert.  

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