Discover the secret of vitality


Discover the secret of vitality

The key to good health – proper nutrition and adequate hydration

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best road to good health. Proper nutrition is of particular importance and, besides water, it includes everything we drink throughout the day. This is why it is important what we drink. Water should be your first choice for hydration, and drinking 6–8 glasses of water is preferable, while water intake needs increase further for those who are physically active or reside in higher temperature places.   

Optimal hydration with natural mineral water – carbonated and non-carbonated

Proper hydration of the body is a prerequisite for a normal psychophysical condition, and the water used for such purposes must primarily be compliant with water safety standards. By choosing natural mineral water, you get naturally pure water of a unique mineral composition from a familiar source. 

Every natural mineral water undergoes a special formal registration procedure, while the name of its source and the quantity of minerals it contains are indicated on the label. Natural mineral water contains the features of the ground it flowed through, and individual minerals give it the specific taste and nutritive significance.

here are some waters that naturally contain a certain amount of CO2 already at the source, which can also be added later at bottling, so as to preserve the solubility of minerals, and carbonation which is favoured by many.  A higher level of carbonation gets along well with higher mineralisation of water, particularly those with mineral content higher than 3 g/l. Apart from the compensation of minerals, such waters can have a favourable impact on digestion and exhibit additional health benefits. On the other hand, non-carbonated mineral water with a low amount of minerals (up to 500 mg/l) with a balanced calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate content will have a mild and neutral taste, and it represents a high-quality natural basis of daily hydration. 

Symptoms of insufficient hydration

Insufficient hydration may become a contributing factor of fatigue, headaches, reduced ability to focus, digestive and other disturbances, as well as of higher levels of the stress hormones. That is why it is critically important to remember to drink enough water every day.

For many people who use it for optimal daily hydration, natural mineral water is the secret ingredient boosting their overall vitality. 

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