Premium water for mothers and children


Premium water for mothers and children

Find out which features make Jana the ideal water for child-bearing women and their children:
  • Jana is a natural, non-carbonated mineral water acclaimed in the EU for its composition and quality
  • its impeccable natural purity is confirmed by permanent laboratory controls done by world-renowned testing laboratories 
  • it entered its underground path 7000 years ago which means its superior primordial quality is preserved  
  • From the aegis of ancient dolomite rocks it springs from a depth of 800 m, naturally shielded from all contamination risks
  • its unique low-mineral composition where the 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium balance is particularly prominent 
  • low concentration of sodium makes it suitable for use in low-sodium diets or weight loss programmes  
  • low total mineral content and their specific ratio give it a gentle taste and make it perfectly drinkable
  • it is bottled directly at source in a fully controlled process, and state-of-the-art bottling technology 
  • the bottles used for its bottling meet the most stringent quality requirements and are fully BPA-free 
  • Additional boiling is not necessary as it is naturally pure and it meets all hygiene standards 
  • A certificate awarded by the NSF, the world’s leading independent institute for quality control is an added guarantee of quality, as well as the safety and strict control of the bottling process 
  • Jana is a natural mineral water suitable for use in food preparation for infants. 

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