What should you drink when you are physically active?

Hidracija i vježbanje

What should you drink when you are physically active?

Say yes to physical activity and no to dehydration

So you’ve decided to follow the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and introduce physical activity into your daily routine?  Perhaps you are already a serious recreationalist or a professional athlete, or maybe your job involves physical effort? If you found yourself in the above statements, then mineral water that is naturally rich in minerals should definitely find its place in your backpack. Here’s why! 

When you’re focused on physical activity, and your goal is to secure physical endurance, normal cognitive function and reduce exhaustion, adequate water intake will be an important tool in favour of your psychophysical fitness. To begin with, it’s important to keep in mind that during moderate physical activity and outdoor temperature conditions, the necessary water intake ranges between 2 to 2.5 litres of water from all sources.  This quantity also applies for adults, and is also the same for children aged 14 and upwards, and only slightly lower for younger age groups. However, as outdoor temperature and physical activity increase, which also leads to increased sweating, the body’s need for water can increase manifold. 

Sweating causes loss of water, but also of essential electrolytes

The fact that sweating doesn’t just cause the loss of water from our body, but also of electrolytes (this is particularly the case with sodium) is evidenced by the saltiness of sweat. This is why an adequate combination of water and electrolytes needs to be replaced, as a disorder of this balance can be critical to health. So, as soon as excessive sweating occurs, especially in hot weather conditions, the intake of electrolytes becomes essential for all athletes and recreationalists.  

A bottle of natural mineral water that is rich in minerals contains both water and electrolytes

When you need a simple solution for convenient and functional hydration during physical activity (keep in mind that the same also applies to the younger members of your family), a mineral-rich natural mineral water with a distinct mineral composition should be considered as a way of replacing both water and electrolytes in a refreshing and natural form. 

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