Can ‘carbonated’ and ‘healthy’ go hand in hand?

jamnica gazirana mineralna voda i hrana

Can ‘carbonated’ and ‘healthy’ go hand in hand?

Carbonated, beneficial and zero calories – is possible

If you’re a fan of carbonated beverages, and you want to live a healthy lifestyle, choose carbonated natural mineral water! There is no need to renounce those fizzy bubbles or calorie-free refreshments that you get from carbonated natural mineral water.  

The natural mineral water that is also known as “kiselica” or “sour” is defined by the fact that already at the source it naturally contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide in the form of bubbles, which it dissolved during its passage through the various strata of the ground. As the water springs to the surface, the temperature and pressure change, so CO2 bubbles begin to appear, while during the bottling process, the water can be further infused with CO2, which is done to preserve the stability and solubility of the mineral. 

Bubbles that assist digestion

Carbonated natural mineral water with its bubbles is recognisable, refreshing, and of a distinct taste that cleanses and neutralises the taste buds on the tongue. When it gets to the stomach it stimulates gastric mobility and the secretion of stomach juices. This is how it naturally facilitates digestion, while the bubbles are there to provide an added boost to efficacy, thus giving you a feeling of lightness after a meal. And all of this with zero added calories. So, it is important not to confuse carbonated natural mineral water with other carbonated beverages, which for the most part are calorie-rich drinks containing sugar and a variety of other ingredients. 

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