Check whether you are at risk of magnesium deficiency


Check whether you are at risk of magnesium deficiency

Find out if you belong to a group of people who might suffer from magnesium deficiency, and how to secure sufficient intake of this vitally important mineral.
Persons suffering from type 2 diabetes

Magnesium is included in insulin regulation, and its deficit due to increased loss via urination can occur in people who developed insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, which also makes them more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.

Persons with gastrointestinal diseases

Chronic diarrhoea and reduced fat absorption which occur as a consequence of Chron’s disease, gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel disease, can lead to magnesium depletion over time.

Persons who consume large amounts of alcohol

Persons who consume large amounts of alcohol in combination with poor eating habits may also lose magnesium by way of vomiting, diarrhoea, liver disease, as well as a disordered kidney function, all of which cause the loss of large quantities of magnesium via urination.  

The elderly population

Research indicates that the elderly suffer from a reduced absorption of magnesium from the bowel, as well as from its excessive loss via the kidneys and urine. This group is at an even greater risk due to taking chronic disease medications, such as diuretics and proton pump inhibitors, which also impact magnesium levels. 

How to get sufficient amounts of natural magnesium?

Another natural source of magnesium, apart from magnesium-rich foods, is Mg Mivela. One litre of this water naturally contains approximately 343 mg of magnesium and can effectively support the daily intake for anyone with increased needs of this mineral. 

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