Planning to embark on a weight loss regimen? Don’t forget about the water with magnesium content!

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Planning to embark on a weight loss regimen? Don’t forget about the water with magnesium content!

For healthy weight loss, be sure to combine regular exercise and a proper diet.

For a weight loss regimen to result in healthy weight loss, it is recommended to incorporate regular exercise into daily activities. Your choice of the intensity of physical activity has to be adjusted to your abilities and go hand in hand with a varied diet. It is important not to forget about water and mineral intake, particularly magnesium, which should be properly represented in your diet, preferably coming from food items that naturally contain it.  

Make sure your body gets enough magnesium

Magnesium is one of the key minerals your body needs for the maintenance of normal physical and psychological functions, and it plays an extremely important role when it comes to physical activity. Inside the body it takes part in normalising the processes of energetic metabolism, and it contributes to the normal function of the muscles, as well as the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion. 

A natural and convenient solution for sufficient magnesium intake

The recommended magnesium intake ranges between 300 and 400 mg per day, and a natural and convenient source is definitely Mg Mivela, which contains up to 343 mg of this important mineral per litre! Magnesium, which is naturally contained in mineral water, makes it an excellent source of this mineral in the nutritive sense, as it is available for the body to use it in its original form. In other words, its usability is good. Unlike some synthetic dietary supplements that may prove to be of questionable usability, or may cause certain undesirable side effects, the magnesium naturally contained in Mg Mivela is in its soluble form, so it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream from the small intestine, without causing a laxative effect.

Choosing Mg Mivela ensures natural hydration with the help of magnesium, for normal energy creation and less fatigue. So, when you’re planning a weight loss regimen, be sure to put Mg Mivela on your mandatory grocery list. 

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