Find out why it is important to drink enough water in the summer


Find out why it is important to drink enough water in the summer

The loss of water can be dangerous for our body

Faced with heat and an intense feeling of thirst, the hot summer days end up being our reminder of the importance of sufficient fluid intake. And rightfully so, as inadequate water loss compensation leads to reduced physical and cognitive abilities, and to disorders in thermoregulation, i.e. the maintenance of normal body temperature.  

The loss of water through sweating while being at rest in moderate temperature environments is small; however, the temperature increase during the hot summer months makes this loss very prominent, particularly if related to physical activity. Outdoor temperature, flow intensity, and air humidity, exposition to sunlight and the number of clothes significantly impact the loss of water from the body. Sometimes it may amount to the loss of multiple litres of water per day, which means the adequate compensation of electrolyte loss needs to be borne in mind. 

Prevent dehydration

Signs of inadequate water intake include the feeling of thirst, dry and sticky mouth, drowsiness and fatigue, reduced urination, dark colour of urine, crying without tears, dry skin, headache, feeling of confusion, and dizziness. Children and the elderly are particularly sensitive to insufficient water intake at higher temperatures. It is not wise to wait for the occurrence of the said signs to start drinking more water. 

Plan the hydration of your body and begin implementing it from the morning hours

It is a good idea to begin hydrating your body as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, making sure you drink 8–10 glasses of water during the day (1.6–2 litres). Additional needs for water while spending time doing outdoor activities should be planned in advance, and it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water at hand, so that it is always available. The pristine purity and mineral composition of natural mineral water is an excellent choice for everyday hydration. 

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