Who we are?


Who we are?

Production, development and quality

The lifecycle of each of our products begins here, production encompasses all the steps from an idea of a product and its development, all the way to its creation and bottling. Along with our products steeped in tradition, this is also where all our novelties that make us very proud come from. Water is sourced directly from the spring, and is then transferred to our production plants where the water and juice bottling process begins. Our hard-working teams make sure the production processes are efficiently managed and continuously improved. Each product needs to be adequately packaged so we also deal with the research and development of packaging and product declarations. All the processes are taking place under the watchful eye of our team that is in charge of product quality and their compliance with safety standards.

Process Assurance Specialist at Jamnica plus

Vanja Njegovan

Working in the Quality Control department within the Production sector is very fast paced, always focused on business development and involves resolving all kinds of issues that can occur. Our goal is to have a safe and high-quality product and implement a high-quality business management system, this is

what always drives us forward, brings us together, and connects us to the company as a whole. Working in harmonious synergy is the main strength of our team. This enables us to develop a sense of belonging, respect, understanding and support in all business activities we find ourselves in.

Matea Odzic, Upravljanje lancem opskrbe

Supply chain management

After the production process, our products are placed in storage and then distributed to the end user. In this entire process it is important to satisfy the needs of the customer in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and this is enabled by our supply chain. The process itself is not as straightforward, since it entails cooperation with all other functions within the company, where the procurement process begins even before the production process. This is where the procurement of raw materials and production materials takes place, with the main goal of securing a steady supply of all the resources necessary for the company’s business operations.

The procurement process then continues by planning the production capacity and supplies, which determines what will be bottled and when, and ensures the availability of all items with as little stock as possible. Good cooperation with colleagues from the sales department is of utmost importance in this entire process, as it increases the accuracy of sales and production capacity planning, and consequently of inventory management. After the necessary supplies have been planned, the process of shipping and transportation planning begins, so the products can be distributed to storage sites where our storekeepers commission the goods, and then the goods are distributed to the end customer through our trucks and delivery vehicles.

Matea Odzic, Upravljanje lancem opskrbe
Inventory Management Specialist at Jamnica plus

Matea Odžić

I’ve always enjoyed crunching numbers, and when I came to the Inventory management department under the logistics sector, this dream of mine has come true. I’ve worked in Jamnica’s logistics sector for 6 years now, which is also my first job after graduating from college. I could describe our working environment as fast paced and very unpredictable, with lots of challenges that can be overcome. However, apart from being quite challenging, it is also interesting, and I think that even staying with the company for a long time

wouldn’t make me lose interest in the job. Logistics, i.e. the entire supply chain is a circular process that begins with procurement, goes on to planning the production capacity, all the way to delivering the product to the customer, i.e. the end consumer. That fact alone means we are connected to all the departments within the company, which makes us a very unique link in the entire supply chain.


After our colleagues have made sure that our products are produced according to the highest quality standards, and our colleagues from the logistics sector have delivered these products to the points of sale, the sales sector should make sure that these products find their way from store shelves into the hands of our loyal consumers.

None of this would be possible without the operative sales department – our strong sales force that strives to make our products stand out on store shelves on a daily basis, and to make them available to our consumers in the catering industry at all times. Our colleagues form the Key Customer Sales Department lead negotiations with retailers to be as successful as possible in making deals for the best shelf positioning, and slotting of our products with their customers, while our colleagues from trade marketing help present our products in their best light, both in stores and catering facilities. All of this makes it easier for our Export Department to sell our products in 20 export markets. How successful our colleagues from the Sales Department actually are is best evidenced by the fact that the number of litres we sell per year would suffice to fill 170 Olympic pools. This fact is at our disposal thanks to our Sales Analytics department, who also shared the fact that the quality, long-standing tradition of our products and the successful cooperation of our colleagues from all Beverages Group sectors, have earned us the position of the leading bottled water and beverages producer in our region.

Darko Špagović_rukovoditelj operativne prodaje
Darko Špagović_rukovoditelj operativne prodaje
Filed Sales Manager at Mg Mivela

Darko Špagović

Sales is the art of presenting your product in an appealing manner that will cause your customer to experience immediate satisfaction with the product, and consequently reach a purchasing decision. In the field, we face new challenges and meet new people on a daily basis. Oftentimes it’s precisely these new business acquaintances that grow into lifelong friendships. Not a single day is the same, and each new day is a “new story”. This is also the reason why I started working at the sales department.

In sales there’s a prejudice that salespeople are born, not made, and that this job isn’t for everyone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Salespeople are made over time, through effort and learning, i.e. daily complementary training. We are well aware of the fact that life-long learning is a must in this day and age, so we apply it in our everyday activities. Perseverance, orientation towards clearly defined goals, attentive listening, taking responsibility for your results, and contact with our customers is what makes us stand out from others.

Maja Vukorep, Direktorica marketinga za negazirana pića


Jamnica, Jana, Jana Ice Tea, Vitamins, Botanica, Mg Mivela, Sensation, Sensation Bubble Tea, ProSport, Sky Cola, Sarajevski kiseljak and SARA are brands driven by our marketing creatives. They examine consumers’ needs and plan a strategy for our products to provide maximum satisfaction for our customer. They launch marketing campaigns and monitor their success, they design websites, social network profiles, graphical content and PR activities, making sure all of this is done in an interesting and imaginative way. Caring for a brand is their responsibility and joy. Everything is accompanied by precise market analysis so that we can stay in the know on the latest trends and circulation of products. They analyse and plan, they are creatives with an analytical approach to everything, and they are the strength of our company.

Maja Vukorep, Direktorica marketinga za negazirana pića
Beverages Group Brand Director

Maja Vukorep

Working in brand management is very fast paced, and this is particularly the case a few months before launching a new campaign or product. The process of creating a campaign or a product is a long road to tread, and it’s a road where you join forces with a plethora of personalities ranging from the playful and untameable creatives, to those who are tasked with paying attention to the cost side of a project and “dry” figures. The values that we are looking for in a brand manager are excellent organisational skills, strategic vision, and strong willpower coupled with good negotiation skills that will make a project come to life according to the vision you defined.

I consider this to be the greatest challenge, as well as the greatest reward of this job – when after months of hard work you see “your” product on a shelf, or a tv campaign that you put a lot of heart and effort in. Apart from operational challenges, marketing creatives have another important task on a daily basis – figuring out how to remain authentic, interesting, and how to provide the consumer with a clear reason why should they choose your product on a colourful and crowded store shelf. Our history and a plethora of awards demonstrate over and over again that we are equipped with highly skilled teams of professionals, and I am extremely motivated to continue working on securing our position of the undisputed leader in innovation and quality on our way to the realisation of all our defined business objectives.

Finance and business development

Finances and business development are at the very core of our business operations. Our colleagues within the function are responsible for all processes, from providing financial resources, paying bills, cost accounting, to cash flow management. Once accounting and tax activities resulting in reliable financial reports have been carried out, our financial and business controlling services provide guidance and support for the company’s management structures in their strategic decision making and business optimisation activities.

Mirjana Mandić, Specijalist za izvještavanje i planiranje
Mirjana Mandić, Specijalist za izvještavanje i planiranje
Planning and Reporting Specialist at Jamnica plus

Mirjana Mandić

I see the Finance sector as an important segment of the company’s functioning, which is why I think it is worth of all my efforts. As part of the team, I know that my energy will be used to provide others with “services” that will greatly benefit them.

I see my job in the controlling department as an ongoing opportunity for personal development as a result of working on many new projects, which helps me keep my motivation high. Given the fact that the very beginnings of my career were in the controlling department, it feels good to see and follow its development and adaptation to the needs of both the company and the market over the years.

Legal and General Affairs

All of our company’s business activities are carried out in strict adherence to all applicable regulations, and this is an area of business where our Legal and Occupational Safety and Health departments make us feel safe and protected. They keep a watchful eye over all the legal and safety requirements in our industry to help us feel more confident and protected on a daily basis. Our lawyers are our voice representing the company in external and internal legal proceedings, they deal with contracts and insolvency proceedings, work hard to protect our intellectual property. They also care for workers’ rights and their needs, so we can contact them regarding any observed aberrant behaviour. While we are hard at work, our mobile phones are right by our side reliably doing the same, the interior design of our company premises are beautifully designed and make us all feel safe, while our mail arrives on time thanks to our colleagues from the General Affairs department, who strive to keep things under control at all times. Occupational safety and health is the responsibility of our colleagues who provide risk assessment services at the workplace, arrange for physical examinations, and examinations for workers employed on jobs with specific working conditions.

Head of the Legal and General Affairs Department at Mg Mivela

Branislav Mitić

When I was a 7-year-old boy, I was asked the standard question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I would reply that I would like to be a teacher or a lawyer. My childhood dream of becoming a lawyer, of course, came true. For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of the legal profession, is that it involves a lot of reading, learning, memorising. True. However, there’s also another side to law, in that it is in one way or another related to everything and anything we do in life (e.g. buying at a store, owning an apartment or a house, employment, a public transit ride or

car ride). Working at Mg Mivela is both interesting and challenging. It provides a wealth of opportunities to learn something new on a daily basis. Collaboration with customers, external business associates, employees, a variety of different projects – enough space for personal and professional development, and that is something we should all strive for. Information is power – a law of life. To possess relevant legal information – a priceless and immeasurable comparative advantage over others.


Members of our IT team are behind the business applications we use on a daily basis. They make sure we never get lost in our existing business systems, and they improve these systems and keep them up to date. Their professional assistance and practical strategic advice make sure all employees gain a good command of the IT infrastructure.

Production, logistics and all other functions of the company run independently thanks to our IT team. They are not mere advisers; they are the safeguards of our security. Information and processes are secure and stable because these colleagues take daily care of procedures and instructions that help our business run smoothly in a secure environment.

Marko Fabijanić, Izvršni direktor informatike
Marko Fabijanić, Izvršni direktor informatike
Beverages Group Executive IT Director

Marko Fabijanić

To me, working in the IT sector is both a joy and a challenge. It’s very fulfilling to know that my team is extremely important in the process of optimising and improving the efficacy of daily business activities. In our ongoing collaboration with all sectors, it is our task to listen to the needs of our colleagues from other sectors, analyse their problems, and suggest solutions related to the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies that could, in one way or another, contribute to the improvement and overall success of the company.

I have always been fascinated by the fact that IT is a job that goes on in the background, almost imperceptibly, but it results in solutions that form a unique bridge between technology and specific business situations. All of the above leads to a supportive work environment where every new business day is not just another commute, but also an opportunity to generate a new idea or two and send them into the world.

Human Resources

The Human Resources sector plays an important role within the company, as it has everything to do with one of the most important resources of every company – its employees. Human Resources handle sensitive data and possess information on employees, such as their personal details, performance reviews, individual development plans and salaries, so high confidentiality is very important in this job.

Besides this, Human Resources create the organisational design, plan the workforce, and, based on these plans, conduct selection and employment procedures. Once a new employee begins working with the company, Human Resources begin the process of onboarding the new employee, and take care of his training and development within the company, which consequently impacts the realisation of the company’s goals and strategy. Generally speaking, working in the Human Resources sector entails having highly developed communication skills, the ability to adapt while working with people of different backgrounds and being compassionate so that you can support other business functions in the best possible way.

Talent Acquisition and Development Expert at Jamnica plus

Mateja Špehar

I used to think that jobs where you can work with people in a way that helps them be more productive, empowered and happy were rare. But then I ended up finding all of the above in Human Resources. Moreover, I got the opportunity to participate in the business side of process creation, and to gain an understanding of business strategy, because there is not business strategy without employees and there is no employees without a business strategy. I feel privileged to be able to get to know our employees from day one and, together with my colleagues from the sector, help them go through a quick and fun onboarding process, to take part in their development, reward them, and watch them grow.

HR is a playground wherein I can develop my own ideas, be creative and playful while developing anything that will make our employees happy and make their job easier. However, HR can also be viewed as a ruler that precisely aligns our business goals with the greatest strength of our company – our employees. The ones who spice everything up are my colleagues within the campaign, my closest collaborators, as well as those from other sectors, who are always cheerful, wise and friendly, and who watch my back in business, and are great friends in times of pleasure.

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