Water – data and fun facts

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Water – data and fun facts

Even though just above 70% of earth’s surface is covered in water, up to 97% of that water is salt water in the oceans, a mere 3% is fresh water. However, 2.5% of that quantity is unavailable because it is contained in glaciers, polar ice caps, the atmosphere and the ground, and can be highly contaminated. Only 0.5% of earth’s water is available as drinking water. 

A small fraction of water is found in deep underground layers, where it is protected from outside contamination, so it springs naturally pure, with a distinctive mineral composition, reflecting the features of the ground through which it flowed. It is natural mineral water. Each of them has their own story, history and development path.

Natural mineral water

By drinking different types of natural mineral waters we also provide our body with a wide range of minerals. Both non-carbonated and carbonated waters are beneficial, including those of different degrees of mineralisation, so their use can be combined during the course of the day. Intake of waters that contain magnesium (Mg Mivela) and calcium (Sarajevski kiseljak) can be particularly beneficial. These minerals contribute to normal bone and teeth structure and to vital functions such as the functioning of the nervous system, muscles, normal psychological functioning, energy creation and reduction of fatigue. Carbonated and natural waters, rich in minerals and bicarbonates (Jamnica and Sarajevski kiseljak), are traditionally recommended to be taken with meals, as they can facilitate digestion and positively affect liver and gall bladder function, while low-mineral waters are appreciated for their impact on the general hydration of the body. A prominent brand of low-mineral waters is Jana, which is suitable for all ages, and can be used when preparing food for newborns.   The name of its source and the quantity of the predominant minerals it contains are indicated on the label of every natural mineral water. 

The beneficial effects of natural water sources have always attracted the attention of scientists, experts and other groups of people. Today we are witnesses to space explorations that are also focused on finding water on other planets. Where there is water there is life. 

Water as inspiration

The ancient Greek philosopher, Thales of Miletus (625–545 BC), when considering the formation of the earth and space, established a thesis on water as the source of life, which is in turn the source of all of nature, while Hippocrates (460–370 BC) wrote that water can even influence human personality. 

Water is… incredible, interesting and amazing. 

Apart from the fact that life would not be possible without water, it is believed that water is inherently “alive”. This knowledge was presented by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who conducted many experiments with water. Masaru studied water and asked himself – if humans are living beings, and most of the human body is made up of water, does that mean that water is alive? If living beings are endowed with conscience, intelligence and emotions, does that mean water also has conscience, intelligence and emotions?  

It all began with studying the crystal structures of water that differed depending on its origin, so it was seen that pure water formed regular and beautiful crystals, while the crystal structures of contaminated water were irregular. Then he exposed water to positive and negative influences, to good and bad messages and words and discovered that the crystals formed in the water that was treated with kind words were beautiful, while the other batch of water formed irregular crystal structures. 

Masaru reached a conclusion – water is alive, water has feelings! A well-known fact of life is that water is an outstanding substance, circulating through our planet and our bodies, but a fascinating fact not much thought about is that water has its own memory that carries pieces of information that create a story that would amaze us if we knew how to read it. 

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