How does carbonated natural mineral water stimulate digestion?

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How does carbonated natural mineral water stimulate digestion?

The secret is in the composition

Carbonated natural mineral water contains minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, bicarbonates (hydrogen carbonates), sulphates and others, while if it already naturally contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide at the place where it emerges, it is also called kiselica (sour mineral water) 

The physical and chemical composition of natural mineral water, which represents a complex system of anions, cations, dissolved gasses and other elements sounds complicated for most people. However, it is precisely this composition that enables its specific effect on our body, and the beneficial effects of carbonated natural mineral water were discovered several centuries ago.  

No more feeling of heaviness in the stomach after meals

When it reaches the stomach, carbonated mineral water stimulates the excretion of stomach juices that are necessary for the normal breakdown of food. There’s also the beneficial effect on gastric mobility and the normal emptying of the stomach. Thus food is transferred from the stomach into the small intestine at the appropriate pace. Digestive problems, such as the feeling of weight in the stomach after meals, may also be caused by the food staying in the stomach for too long.  

Moreover, carbonated natural mineral water can have a positive effect on the excretion of pancreatic digestive compounds and facilitate the liver and gallbladder function. This also stimulates the normal digestion of food in the small intestine, which is of particular importance after heavy and high-fat meals. Thanks to these effects on the digestive system, carbonated natural mineral water naturally facilitates digestion and makes you feel less bloated after meals.  It should therefore be of no surprise that for centuries it has traditionally been linked to meals and enjoying food.   

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