Three decisions that your heart will be grateful for

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Three decisions that your heart will be grateful for

Allow your heart to make good decisions

The heart is the hub of our body – heartbeats drive circulation which supplies the organs with oxygen and essential nutrients. It makes our body function properly, it is constantly active, without rest, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The heart’s role in the overall functioning of the body is well known, but how often do you find yourself thinking about what your heart needs to be able to perform this vital task? It is time to make three decisions that your heart will be grateful for. 

First decision: opt for a balanced diet and stay well hydrated

A proper diet is the foundation of preserving good health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases, which are more often caused by poor living habits, and less by genetic predispositions. One example of a wholesome meal is a salad made of leafy greens, vetches and nuts, or fish with a colourful vegetable side dish. Such meals ensure your body will get a mineral that is essential for normal functioning – magnesium. Magnesium contributes to many functions in the body, some of which are the function of the nervous and muscle system, including the heart. Apart from food, this mineral can be obtained by drinking natural mineral water. The optimal amount of magnesium that satisfies the needs of the majority of the population ranges between 300 and 400 mg per day, and this is precisely the amount contained in one litre of a unique and natural source of magnesium, Mg Mivela, that is suitable for all ages and occasions, because it doesn’t have a laxative effect.   

Second decision: find a way to relax

Your heart loves when you smile, and loves any stress-free moment. In these modern times we are focused on achieving set goals and we rarely find some time for ourselves, yet, a mere half an hour of relaxation a day has been proven to be beneficial. Go for a walk, watch a comedy show, dance at home, and after such activities your heart will beat more cheerfully and vigorously and will take you to all new heights. Don’t forget to drink enough fluids – 6–8 glasses of water a day are recommended, and with Mg Mivela, you also get magnesium in a natural way, which helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion. 

Third decision: embark on a routine of physical activity

You don’t have to apply for a marathon race, or a gym or fitness centre membership right away. Taking small steps you can get to that point, and perhaps you might start by taking the stairs instead of the lift. If you’re a dog owner, don’t forget to take him out for walks, and perhaps you might even follow him in a light jog. Bike rides don’t have to be just a weekend pastime, but may be turned into an everyday form of listening to the needs of your heart.  Also, when you are in need of a refreshment and a natural source of electrolytes, natural mineral water is always at hand, as it is well known that adequate hydration is of particular importance for physical performance and cardiovascular health. 

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