How much water does your body need in the winter?

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How much water does your body need in the winter?

Cold weather also calls for hydration

It’s easy to forget about adequate water intake in the winter. Since we sweat less compared to the summer time, and in lower temperatures the feeling of thirst is not as pronounced as in warm or hot weather conditions, it is necessary to remind oneself of the importance of hydration and consciously consume sufficient amounts of water. A practical way of finding out whether you are adequately hydrated is the colour of your urine – light yellow colour is appropriate, while darker colours may indicate insufficient hydration. 


Winter activities also cause our body to lose water 

The time spent skiing, sledging, snowboarding or the tedious cleaning of snow will, apart from depleting your energy levels, also cause the loss of water in the body, which needs to be compensated for.  Compared to summer heat, during winter activities the perspiration rates are lower, but the loss through breathing and urination remains considerable. So when you opt for long hours of activities in the snow, a bottle of natural mineral water will prove to be your most useful ally.  

The ideal choice for any time of year

The adequate daily water intake for a healthy adult person with a sedentary lifestyle living in moderate ambient temperature conditions should range from approximately 1.6 to 2 litres (8–10 200 ml glasses) of water. This basic amount of water is recommended all year round, regardless of the season. It maintains the necessary balance with the water that is lost from our body through urine, stool, sweating and breathing. The pristine purity and mineral composition of natural mineral waters can satisfy the body’s requirements for everyday hydration. 

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