Exceptionally pure water arises from a place untouched by harmful impacts

Najčišća izvorska voda

Exceptionally pure water arises from a place untouched by harmful impacts

Natural mineral waters are naturally pure waters that originate from underground deposits, layers of rock and other geological strata, and are abstracted from sources protected against contamination. 

For some of them, their descent into underground strata began several millennia ago, at times when humans couldn’t impact the environment in any significant way, so they do not contain compounds that became commonly present in nature in the age of technological development. The pronged passage of such water through various geological structures represents a process of natural filtration resulting in impeccable purity. 

Apart from their natural purity, they are distinguished from other drinking water by properties determined by the quantity of individual mineral substances, trace elements or other ingredients.  

Natural mineral waters are analysed and evaluated from the geological, hydrogeological, microbiological, chemical, physical, and if needed, pharmacological, physiological and clinical perspective. 

It is precisely their natural purity and specific composition that gives natural mineral waters their specific taste and health benefits. 

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