Help your body to be more resilient in the autumn


Help your body to be more resilient in the autumn

The need for hydration continues after summertime – even though it may seem this is not the case

While the heat of the summer “alarms” our body of the need for fluid intake, with the onset of autumn the feeling of thirst may not be as pronounced. This, however, does not mean that our body’s needs for water have changed in any way. Namely, with the onset of wintry weather also comes the heating of the rooms where we spend most of our day. The air in such rooms may cause additional skin and mucous membrane dehydration, so proper hydration is a topic that needs to be taken into consideration also during the autumn months.

Autumn is filled with commitments

Along with cooler weather, autumn brings commitments that were put “on hold” by many people during the summer. This is a more intense period of increased work commitments, going back to school, college, training sessions… Such events may increase stress levels, and can have an adverse effect on our immune system. Since water is a medium where the biochemical reactions in our body take place, adequate hydration is an important and integral part of our general health condition. Also, don’t forget that coffee and alcohol consumption has a diuretic effect and requires additional water intake.

The necessary daily water intake – regardless of the season

A regular daily intake of 8–10 glasses of water will provide a foundation for the proper physical and cognitive functioning of our body at the beginning of a new work cycle which, for most people, happens in autumn. The adequate daily water intake for a healthy adult person with a sedentary lifestyle living in moderate ambient temperature conditions should range from approximately 1.6 to 2 litres (8–10 200 ml glasses) of water. This basic amount of water is recommended all year round, regardless of the season. It maintains the necessary balance with the water that is lost from our body through urine, stool, sweating and breathing. The pristine purity and mineral composition of natural mineral water is an excellent choice for everyday hydration. 

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